Show Dedication

If you see our show this year, you’ll hear an introductory narration by various voices.  Those voices are the members and staff of The Creek, explaining the dedication of the show to people we know or have known who have influenced us in positive ways.  It is the crux of the show, the foundation of why we chose to create this project in this way.  The voices come back toward the end with specific dedications to family members and friends of the members’ choosing.

Reprinted here are those opening words.  We hope that they bring to mind someone you know.  Whether we know those people or not, this show is for them as well.

This is for those who love you, those who encourage you and who support you. This is for someone you have known and lost, or for someone you have met today and will know forever.

This is for those who celebrate that our hearts can be both filled and broken with love for another. And when they leave, what brings them back? Sounds. Feelings. Rhythms. Colors. Emotions. Those things are still yours.

This is for the people that color and shape our lives. We are drawn to them. We celebrate them. This is for them. This is for you.

This is for our friend John. Color and Heart.

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