Color and Heart

This blog is an online companion to The Creek’s 2011 production, Color and Heart. Members, fans, and anyone can follow along throughout the season with articles, videos, and other media associated with The Creek’s vision for the show.

The content on this or any page, however, does not constitute official endorsements of views or opinions on any subject by The Creek’s staff, members, endorsers, or its parent company. It is intended for purposes of entertainment, thought-provoking, and exposure to media that may craft the way The Creek’s membership performs the show, and the way viewers interpret it.

These blogs have become an important facet of our programming, allowing us to share influences and engage the viewers well after the performance is over.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  Also check out the companion blog to the 2009 production Videotape at, and the blog for the 2010 production Censored at

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