2011 Show Announcement

This is the write-up we did to describe our show to fans on WGI’s website.  Gives a little more insight on the creative direction of the program.

From the team that brought to life “Videotape” and “Censored,” The Creek will explore more emotional territory with their 2011 production “Color and Heart”. The show is inspired by and dedicated to John Seay, their staff member who passed away in April from a sudden heart condition.

The show features the music of Sufjan Stevens, and is visually inspired by the artwork of Matt W. Moore. Color and heart are not only words to direct the musical and visual avenues of the production, but are words to describe John and his influence on The Creek through the years.

The music, from Sufjan Stevens’ albums “The BQE” and “Illinoise,” joined by original work from Omar Carmenates, provides the opportunity to explore different styles and feelings that celebrate the people who color our lives.

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